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The impact of TEC: case studies

The power of technology enabled care to improve outcomes for people and systems is clearly demonstrated in this collection of case studies. The impact is wide and is developing continuously through product and service innovation and closer partnership working between health, housing, social care with TEC as the glue.



Building a Business Case for Investment in TEC

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How TEC Data is
Creating a Roadmap

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Connecting TEC, UCR and
Responder Services

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I​nvestment Planning in Digital Technology

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Preparing for a
Digital Future

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Pilot or small scale project

Devon County Council and AutonoMe - TSA member case study

Devon and AutonoMe

Southend on Sea and Pepper - TSA member case study

Southend_on_sea and pepper

Inhealthcare Norfolk - TSA Member case study

Inhealthcare Norfolk

ORCHA ReThink - TSA Member case study

Orcha ReThink

Tunstall Coast & Country - TSA Member case study

Tunstall Coast and Country

System Installation

Aidcall BRI - TSA Member case study

Aidcall BRI

TIS ExtraCare Bournville - TSA Member case study

TIS_extracare Bournville

TIS ExtraCare Coventry- TSA Member case study

TISis extracare Coventry

Service redesign

Inhealthcare Southern Health - TSA Member case study

Inhealthcare Southern Health

Tunstall Calderdale - TSA Member case study

Tunstall Calderdale

Tunstall Tameside - TSA Member case study

Tunstall Tameside

Aidcall Bushell House - TSA Member case study

Aidcall Bushell House

Jontek Bield Response 24 - TSA Member case study

Jontek Bield Response 24

Service user impact

Lifeline24 Mr Johnson - TSA Member case study

Lifeline24 Mr Johnson

Lifeline24 Ms Hussey - TSA Member case study

Lifeline24 Ms Hussey

PPP- TSA Member case study

PPP Joan and Dion Austin

Pivotell Norfolk - TSA Member case study

Pivotell Norfolk

Tynetec Lauren's story - TSA Member case study

Tynetec Lauren's story

Tynetec Noreen's story - TSA Member case study

Tynetec Noreen's story


New technology and digital solutions

An estimated 89,600* people across Lancashire have an eating disorder and this figure is growing by 7% each year. Hear how Lancashire Care NHS Trust provided its staff with access to the ORCHA platform and how the eating disorder team immediately saw the potential and now prescribes health apps to supplement and enhance its therapy.



Read the full ORCHA case study here:

ORCHA lancashire care nhs trust


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We’re always keen on hearing what our members are doing and if you want to submit a case study then read our guidance on what we require, or use the studies above as a template. Submit case study ideas to


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