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Data - Workforce - Partnerships: priorities for the TEC Sector to 2025

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The technology enabled care sector is changing at a rapid pace with not only the development of tech-driven products but an increased awareness of the powerful impact technology can have on people outcomes and population health management.

Products and services are being continuously developed with functionality aimed at both commissioner and consumer level. As an emerging sector, it is essential to keep abreast of sector developments and opportunities.


Who's produced the report?

TSA recently brought leaders from health, care and local government together to discuss the role of TEC in population health management. Our question during these Roundtable discussions was this: how can TEC help to identify people at risk, improve outcomes and create healthier populations?

The report has been produced by the TSA - the UK's industry body of the TEC sector - and highlights the strategic priorities and direction that this exciting sector is moving in.

Who should read it?

Relevant for anyone who works in the health and care sectors - service providers e.g. local authorities, CCGs, care providers, care agencies and suppliers - manufacturers, entrepreneurs, health technology start-ups, charities, academics. It will give context to the products and services and work that you are currently doing in the health and care sector and offer clarity on how you can be a part of its continued progression.

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