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The End-to-End Resilience of Technology Enabled Care Solutions


In the dynamic world of Technology Enabled Care, the pace of change is swift. Whether you're a Commissioner seeking to enhance understanding, a Service Provider aiming to make informed technology decisions, or Supplier eager to explore cutting-edge developments, understanding the critical importance of being up to date with the latest industry standards is key.

Recognising this need, we are excited to present to you our meticulously crafted resource, The End-to-End Resilience of Technology Enabled Care Solutions. This latest technical guidance, created harnessing the collective knowledge of TSA's Special Interest Groups, serves as an accompaniment to new standards for resilience in the TEC sector.

This isn’t just another document to add to your reading list. This guidance, tailored for the upcoming digital shift, encapsulates resilience standards, best practices, and foundational methodologies. It’s a synthesis of industry knowledge, designed to act as a beacon during the pivotal transition phase from analogue systems to robust digital solutions.

At its core, the guidance emphasises real-world applications. It underscores the paramount need to ensure that our alarm users — the end recipients of these technologies — consistently receive the vital support they require, with minimal disruptions.

Lessons from recent industry developments and challenges have been instrumental in the compilation of this guidance. And, while it's comprehensive, it’s also designed to be approachable and relatable for all, irrespective of technical expertise.


V​iew the Guidance here:

'Practical Steps to Compliance’ - Accompanying document

To accompany the main guidance, we present a document, ‘Practical Steps to Compliance’, with the requirements relating to the 'The End-to-End Resilience of Technology Enabled Care Solutions' in an easy-to-understand format, distilling the terminology and insights in a step-by-step approach. Whether you are a seasoned Commissioner, a forward-thinking Service Provider, or an enthusiastic Supplier, we trust that the document will enhance your understanding of the main guidance. ​

V​iew the 'Practical Steps to Compliance' accompanying document here


Our journey in refining and enhancing the TEC sector is ongoing. As we navigate this path, we genuinely value the insights and perspectives from our community. We warmly invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and feedback with us at

Together, let’s continue to make TEC not just about technology - but about genuine, dependable and reliable care.

Frequently Asked Questions: Following our recent webinar on this guidance, you can find TSA's responses to questions asked on the meeting and other frequently asked questions here.

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