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Consultancy for TEC service providers

Realising value from TSA involvement

Perhaps the area where TSA involvement can realise the greatest value and benefit is working with TEC services providers to enrich the lives of their service users. That is, after all, our guiding vision.

We can help providers to unpick service delivery and establish how each element is contributing to the delivery of efficiencies, identifying quick wins to realise further savings. We can help build measurement of outcomes into the referral pathway, supporting benefits discussions with finance and senior management.

Our consultancy support also links through to the reparation for Quality Standards Framework certification and the delivery of bespoke training and education workshops.

Our solutions are tailored to specific needs that can be as expansive as required:

  • Service redesign and delivery
  • Reviewing current TEC performance information, trends and reviewing service including overview of current reablement delivery model and referral routes
  • Governance and strategic ownership
  • Identifying and sharing best practice
  • Benefits tracking mechanisms
  • Commissioning strategies, equipment procurement, infrastructure, stock control and back office
  • SLAs and performance of technology providers
  • Acceptance criteria design, case recording and performance information

Workforce and culture development

  • Organisational structure, recruitment, job profiling and benchmarking
  • Creating a technology first culture and positioning technology at a strategic level
  • Culture, behaviours and change management
  • Systems, process and operating procedures

Commercialisation and business development

  • Business case development
  • Opportunities identification and gap analysis
  • Market analysis and growth projections
  • Building capacity and scalability to support expanding care offer
  • Demographic profiling
  • Budget management, turnover and income forecasting and pricing strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Strategic and tactical support and content guidance
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Internal communications
  • Competitor analysis
  • Routes to market
  • Measurement and evaluation, customer satisfaction, reputation management and media relations

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