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Our Work & Campaigns

Our work and campaigns in support of the development of the technology enabled care sector are focused on raising awareness and increasing adoption of digital solutions and its service wraparound in health and care settings for improved outcomes for people.



The TSA represent both suppliers and service providers, commissioners and service users - our reach covers the full breadth of technology enabled care and its services. The TSA is pushing and pulling the sector - supporting membership to overcome challenges and drive standards whilst stimulating demand for TEC services amongst buyers, whether services users, carers, families or public bodies.

Our campaigns never run in isolation. We seek collaboration - from members, stakeholders, regulators, policy makers and service users alike. Everything we campaign for and promote is for the benefit of all. We are Stronger Together.


Digital Shift

Our campaign to raise awareness of the IP switch to digital phone networks by 2025.

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Business Plan

The New Roadmap for Technology Enabled Care

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Sector Insight

The Response and Redesign of TEC Services During Covid-19

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TSA ADASS Commission

How can technology be truly integrated into adult social care?

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Leadership Report

See the Trends That Will Shape the TEC Sector from 2020

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DLF ProAssist

Your professional portal for personalised independent living solutions

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Special Interest Groups

Your opportunity to get involved in shaping TEC sector priorities that need your expertise.

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TEC Explainer Films

TEC Explainer Films resource for frontline workers

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TEC Stories Care Homes

How TEC is changing the lives of care home residents

Read more on how TEC is changing lives in care

Telling the TEC Story

Our campaign to spread the word of how TEC can transform lives.

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