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Building Your TEC Knowhow - immersive learning experiences and resources

This TSA developed immersive learning resource suite, which includes our unique learning tool the ‘Virtual Property Portfolio’, is designed to build knowledge and confidence in understanding and prescribing technology-enabled care (TEC) in a series of real life training scenarios, played out within our digital world. It is fully customisable, and can be tailored to ensure that your workforce benefits most effectively from the training. Please contact us for costs where customisation is required.

The resource suite also includes our ​assessment tool, available in English and Welsh. The Assessment tool not only streamlines the process of Technology Enabled Care assessment, but also promotes a user-centric, inclusive and legally compliant approach, ultimately contributing to enhanced care outcomes and user satisfaction.

The programme includes two levels: TEC Explorer and TEC Expert.

T​he TEC Explorer level is an introduction to Technology Enabled Care, demystifying the jargon and outlining how using technology can enrich a person's life to remain safe and independent at home, while offering peace of mind to family and carers.

T​hrough a series of short courses, supported with curated content, a learner will gain an understanding of the different types of technologies and solutions available and learn about needs and risks and how some technologies can manage these.

O​n completion the learner is awarded with the TEC Explorer digital badge.



Building on what was been learnt in the TEC Explorer level, the Expert level takes an in-depth exploration of using technology to enhance independence and wellbeing.

As an Expert, a learner explores the role of ethics, safeguarding, valid and informed consent and the limitations and constraints that should be considered when prescribing technologies.  As an Expert, a learner gains an understanding of accountability, and the importance of continuing to review the solutions a person is using to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the individual.

On completion of this level, the learner is awarded the TEC Expert digital badge.



T​he Virtual Property Portfolio - a preview

T​he video below provides a walkthrough of the house within our Virtual Property Portfolio.

Based on only 300 users a 5-year, fully-administered license equates to £45 per user, per year.


"The training provided me with an extensive amount of information, which has increased my knowledge in this area and will be used to enhance my current role on a daily basis. It will be great to maximise the independence of service users that I work with." - A Building your TEC Knowhow learner
Referral uplift for Technology Enabled Care has increased by up to 36%.

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