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The Resilience Of TEC Monitoring Services

Changes to QSF Resilience Standards and updated guidance for TEC Monitoring Services


As technological advancements continue to shape the healthcare industry, it is crucial that we find ways to ensure the quality and reliability of Technology Enabled Care services. 

With the shift towards digital systems and the increasing integration of the ‘Internet of Things’, regulations and standards must be adapted to keep up with a growing spectrum of smart applications and devices. Additionally, there is a growing demand for data analytics and artificial intelligence in TEC service delivery, as well as an increasing interest in self-management of health and care, where private pay channels play an increasing role.

To address these developments, TSA has established Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to bring together service providers, technology suppliers, and other stakeholders to contribute to the development of new standards and guidelines.

One such group, SIG8, has recently completed work on new standards for the TSA Quality Standards Framework (QSF) to address the “Resilience of Monitoring Services.”

These standards focus initially on ensuring that the intended purpose of a service is well understood, that key operational parameters and processes are fully defined, and that personal data is protected and secure.

From September 2023, these QSF standards will extend to cover Service Availability and Maximum Tolerable Downtimes, which measure the proportion of time a service is fully operational and accessible to users, as well as defining the maximum acceptable duration for any single instance of failure.

Collectively, these Resilience Standards aim to provide confidence that a service and its underlying technology platform can deliver to the right quality levels without delving into vendor-specific information. More information can be found in SIG8’s “Application Guidelines” on the TEC Quality website.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the TSA is committed to providing guidance, training, and support services to help service providers navigate this ever-changing landscape and ensure the delivery of high-quality TEC services.

If you require any further information, please contact our TEC Quality team on 01625 520320, or email


D​ownload the Resilience of TEC Monitoring Services guidance here

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