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Makutu announce groundbreaking SUPER 7 consultancy service


1​5 March 2024

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking SUPER 7 consultancy service, designed with your business's growth and innovation at its core. Our mantra is simple yet powerful: "Think Big, Start Small, and Demonstrate Fast." This guiding principle is the foundation of our bespoke 7-week transformation program, promising to redefine how you approach AI integration into your business.

Here's a glimpse into your journey with SUPER 7:

  • Week 1: Dive deep into your business with 90-minute key stakeholder interviews. This phase is dedicated to uncovering your unique challenges and identifying opportunities where AI can revolutionise your operations by multiple orders of magnitude.
  • Week 2: Witness your ideas come to life with a prototype demonstration, crafted within just 7 days after our insightful interviews. This is where you'll see the potential of our proposed solutions in action.
  • In 7 weeks: Experience the seamless integration of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into your existing environment, marking the start of a new era of efficiency and innovation for your business.

For a closer look at what awaits, please find further details at Makutu | Analytics & Ai. But why stop at just reading? Let's bring these opportunities to life! Please get in touch to schedule a call with you at your earliest convenience to explore how we can tailor the SUPER 7 experience for your business -



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