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SIG014- Risk Management


To identify key risks and mitigating factors that impact the technology enabled care sector, and to help drive continuous improvement of service quality through adoption of good practice in risk management. 


This SIG recognises that good risk management is important for the TEC industry overall and for the operational success of individual TSA members. It is acknowledged that the technology enabled care sector exhibits a wide variation across service providers in terms of the different approaches to risk management.

This relates to the nature, breadth and depth of the risk management processes, and also to the level of awareness of risks and mitigating factors that are presented to the sector. In the

TSA’s pursuit of quality improvement, we also recognise that risk management plays a key role in helping to identify areas of challenge and opportunities for improvement.

There will be three outputs from this SIG;

  • To develop and publish an “industry-wide” review of the key risks that the TEC sector faces. These will be developed and driven by TSA membership views on key risks that they are facing and will be over two planning horizons (0-5 years – ‘Issues’: 5-10 years – ‘Medium Term Risks’).
  • To develop and publish a “best practice” risk management framework that every TSA member can use, to assist in the consideration of their own response h to the key TEC sector risks (above) and also for the identification and management of unique risks that they are facing.
  • To make recommendations for improvements to the TSA Quality Standards Framework with respect to risk management.

TSA will aim to facilitate regular (annual) reviews of key risks facing the sector, and this Special Interest Group will ignite this process through an initial review and publication of hot topics for near-term and longer-term issues and / or risks. 

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