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SIG008- Monitoring Service Resilience


To identify key parameters that determine service availability, reliability and data security, and to embed these as service measures in a tiered compliance framework in a manner that is an accessible indicator of service delivery and resilience for customers and commissioners.


In the majority of cases the 24/7 delivery of TEC services is a crucial enabler for the provision of effective services to customers at their time of highest need.

The reliability and availability of TEC services depend upon many factors, ranging from the underlying technology, IT and data centre(s) design, to management processes for business continuity and human factors. As the profile and range of devices change there are also a growing number that also rely on underlying GSM/mobile/VOIP services.

It is increasingly evident that different services can adopt very differing interpretations of the requirements and design as they relate to each of service availability and reliability factors, and hence of the resulting service level assurance (particularly in relation to ‘availability of service on demand’). It is also evident that service providers choose to invest to differing levels (which is often reflected in differing prices), and they may deliver a spectrum of service levels that enable choice by users and commissioners to suit their needs.

In an increasingly “security aware” environment (particularly post-GDPR) it is also important that companies can communicate the differing levels of data security standards that they are applying to customer data.

It is proposed that improved guidance is needed on the factors that influence service level performance, and that the resulting guidance should allow for multiple tiers of compliance for service availability, reliability and security.

Completion date for this SIG is October 2022

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