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SIG001- Analogue Over Digital


To identify the issues and risks associated with the use of Analogue alarm equipment on fixed digital networks, ensuring that there is publication of evidence and guidance to support TEC stakeholders with decision-making and procurement strategies. 


This SIG was created as a result of concerns that the digital transformation of landline telephony services in the UK would lead to significant failure of analogue alarm devices. Given that the majority of the circa 1.8 million TEC alarms in the UK are analogue based, it was felt that the pace of the digital landline roll-out would outstrip the ability of Service Providers to change installed units from analogue to digital to match this pace of change. The original scope of this SIG was to mitigate the impact of the industry not keeping pace with the landline transformation by enabling Service Providers and Commissioners to understand which of the analogue products that were deployed in the UK would not continue to operate successfully on fixed digital networks.   

Outputs from this SIG will involve producing guidance on mitigating analogue alarm failures. Expected to be published December 2021

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