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Next generation 'virtual ward' delivered at home by innovative partnership


06 June 2024

The recently announced collaboration of Archangel and Care Messenger represents the ‘next generation of virtual ward’, offering peace of mind for individuals, carers and families and significantly eases the pressure on hard pressed health and social care services.


Care Messenger’s video messaging services are far more than just a communication tool; they’re a lifeline support for individuals living independently in their own homes.

The joy of keeping in touch with loved ones via video cannot be underestimated but it takes on a whole new dimension when combined with comprehensive and ever vigilant, ambient homecare technologies powered by Archangel.

That’s the capability offered by Care Messenger’s recent link up with the Archangel Ambient Assisted Living platform: an integrated and holistic homecare solution that enables individuals to live safer, happier and longer lives within their own homes.

Utilising a combination of the latest, cutting-edge technologies, routers and sensors, the partnership between Archangel and Care Messenger delivers reminders about medication adherence, scheduled carer visits, food and hydration reminders and any housing repair appointments as well as fall prevention.

Paul Slaughter, CEO of Care Messenger, said: “The Care Messenger smart TV video technology perfectly complements the Archangel AAL platform and dramatically enhances the scope and potential of care within the home and improves the welfare of vulnerable and elderly individuals."

“We are looking forward to working with Archangel on a range of projects that will demonstrate and showcase the future of home-based social care.”

Tom Morton, founder and CEO of Archangel commented: “I am very impressed by Care Messenger’s ability to communicate important messages directly on to a television. This partnership brings together the smart video messaging capabilities of Care Messenger with the Archangel platform.

“Integrating a range of technologies will supply individuals along with their care providers and family members with a holistic approach to delivering their homecare.

“Regular communication with distant family and friends is a vital part of building the health and wellbeing of vulnerable individuals within a home environment.

“The same TV that facilitates video communication is used to deliver a wide range of notification services such as reminders concerning health. It forms part of the shift from a reactive approach to health and social care to one that is both proactive and preventative, mirroring the ongoing shift from legacy analogue technologies to digital,” added Tom.

Healthtech partnerships such as this enable care and housing providers to evolve with services that will ultimately benefit us all with a fully rounded approach to health and care for individuals in their own home.

Care Messenger is another great example of Archangel adding value to innovative and proactive care provider solutions. Find out how to benefit from becoming an Archangel Certified Partner by visiting

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