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Developing Your Workforce Through Learning Journeys From TSA

At TSA, we create learning journeys to develop your workforce designed and developed to meet your organisation's needs.

Each journey is essentially a programme, that includes a variety of tools, courses and training, which can be one-to-one, in groups and either online or in person, along with learning resources, the development of e-learning platforms to support your ongoing growth, internal performance process reviews and so much more.

We work with you to build the right knowledge, capabilities and skills at the right time to the right audience within your organisation, to ensure there is a culture across the workforce for technology enabled care to thrive and benefit your service users.

Whether you’re looking to improve communication, call handling, customer service, leadership and management skills or improve your team's knowledge on sales techniques, fire safety or cybersecurity, we’re here to help.

There are six steps we follow in order to create a bespoke learning journey for each business and organisation we work with.

We Engage With You

Enquiring into how we can support your organisation's workforce development needs is the first step in creating an engaged, informed and valued team.

We Assess Your Needs

We work with you to understand your requirements, including challenges, goals and objectives, whether that's to improve knowledge and skills or support mental well-being.

We Define Your Current Skill Set

We define the levels of knowledge, skills and behaviours your organisation needs to succeed. We're then able to create tools and training courses with a mix of learning experiences, refresher training and skills enhancement while encouraging a culture of knowledge sharing.

We Develop A Bespoke Plan For You

We build a workplace development strategy that achieves your goals, this may include the creation of tools, bespoke e-learning packages, instructing internal trainers, reviewing current management processes along with performance review recommendations to ensure best practice.

We Review, Refine & Prioritise

Once the plan has been developed, we present the options, at which point we review and refine your priorities and finalise a plan. 

We Take You On A Journey That Delivers Results

To minimise disruption, we establish an effective delivery timeline to provide the necessary consultancy services, and implement the tools and training for maximum impact.



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