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TSA Guidance for Alarm Receiving Centres with customers using Virgin Media analogue landlines

As part of our ongoing support to the TEC sector, in relation to the analogue to digital transition, TSA have been made aware that, as part of Virgin Media’s migration activities to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) , Virgin Media have commenced a process of notifying their customers of the planned migration in specific postcodes (on a phased basis with specific dates for each phase).

Virgin Media have provided a letter (view example letter) to all their customers in migration areas explaining the transition activity and notifying customers that they must contact Virgin Media to arrange a remote migration or, if the customer is vulnerable, a technician-led migration.

Failure to engage with this process and contact Virgin Media will eventually result in the customer temporarily no longer being able to make outbound calls (apart from 999 or 112 calls); any attempt to place an outbound call will divert the call to a Virgin Media contact centre to book in the migration. Once the customers speak with an agent about their migration the call divert measure is removed. The measure is designed to ensure customers take any necessary action and do not lose service.

The call redirect measure will not be applied to customers that Virgin Media know to be telecare users. However, if the user is not identified to them as a telecare user, the call redirect measure could be applied and may result in any activation of the Telecare alarm unit and connected device being connected to the Virgin Media contact centre instead of the relevant Alarm Receiving Centre. TSA want to bring this situation to your attention for immediate action to be taken.

At present, Virgin Media have paused the migration of known telecare users to review their process. When the migration activity begins again, the company will provide updates to the customers and interested stakeholders.

We would ask all alarm receiving centres to take the following steps as a matter of priority:

  1. If you have not already begun collecting information on which Communication Provider your alarm users use, then please collect this information as best you can and store it in a reportable field within your ARC platform software
  2. Use the attached list of postcodes to run a comparison against the postcodes of your alarm users and understand if any telecare users may be at risk of migration due to the information not being correctly provided to Virgin Media.
  3. Contact any telecare users that fall within migration postcodes that are or may be Virgin Media subscribers to test their service to ensure that an alarm call is going through to the Alarm Receiving Centre
  4. Notify Virgin Media directly via with details of any user that has had their service restricted and make appropriate plans to mitigate risk to that person while service is restored
  5. Ensure that any of your alarm users that use Virgin Media for analogue telephony services contact Virgin Media to advise them that they are a telecare alarm user and to set the appropriate flags on their account
  6. Ensure that you have provided the TSA with all of the alarm dialling numbers so that this information can be passed to all communications providers and appropriate flags can be set on all installations with regards to analogue to digital transition
  7. One of the ways Virgin Media identifies potential telecare users through cross referencing all ARC numbers they’re aware of with customer call records for the last six months. To ensure Virgin Media correctly identifies all your customers, it’s essential that you should also share the alarm dialling numbers with them directly via the email address also TSA at

Please contact the TSA at if any of the above is unclear or if you need any support with identifying alarm users at risk

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