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Information for Telecare Users in Salisbury & Mildenhall



2​8 February 2023


Openreach had previously intended to cease all remaining “in scope” copper assets (WLR only) within the Salisbury and Mildenhall trial areas in April 2023. By “in scope” we mean assets within the fibre footprint (Full fibre for Salisbury, Full fibre or a fibre alternative for Mildenhall) who have not had an exemption granted – for example where a key piece of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) will not work in an All IP environment.

Despite ongoing communications from our Communication Providers (CPs) to engage their customers, there are still a number of customers who have not responded. We are therefore looking at ways to prompt end customers to have a conversation with their CP about next steps. These include slowing the broadband speed, and / or routing non freefone numbers directly to the CP. Once CPs engage with their customers in Salisbury and Mildenhall they will either move them to full fibre (in Salisbury) or a fibre alternative (in Mildenhall) or, if vulnerable and they cannot move to an All IP product, apply to us for an exemption (removing them from risk of cessation or service degradation). We are trying to further identify these vulnerable customers, which is why we are reaching out to you.

As per previous conversations, it is important that vulnerable customers (users of telecare devices) are not impacted by these changes. We are already working with Salisbury Council to identify these customers and will exempt these lines if not already done so. We understand Mildenhall operate a mobile based solution so these customers are not impacted. However, we are keen to identify “private” users of telecare devices where Openreach and the CP have no knowledge of the device.

In order to identify and exempt these “private” device users, we would be grateful if could you please approach your members and ask them to identify telecare users in the Salisbury and Mildenhall areas (identifiable by having a 01722 or 01638 telephone number dialling code). Clearly we do not need sensitive name and address detail, just the customers telephone number.


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