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Yorbl Officially Certified as Enovation UMO Partner

Yorbl is excited to announce that they are now officially certified as an Enovation UMO (Enovation UMO cx - Enovation ( partner.

Having successfully passed their rigorous Factory Acceptance testing process with their innovative Digital Telecare solutions, including Yorbl Lifeline and Yorbl Vita, confirming they are fully compatible with the trusted Enovation UMO Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) platform.

Yorbl's CEO Peter Reed-Forrester commented:

"Enovation UMO is a truly, state of the art ARC platform, which is steadily gaining ground in the UK having won most if not all of the recent major tenders for ARC Software. As such, Enovation are a perfect partner for Yorbl and provide us with the opportunity to showcase and deliver the real benefits that our unique and truly Digital Telecare solutions have to offer both now and in the future. Unlike most of the current mainstream ARC platform providers, Enovation are genuinely an open and collaborative organisation and platform that positively encourages innovation. With both feet firmly in the future and none in the analogue past, they are just type of organisation we are keen to partner with."

As a measure of Yorbl's confidence in UMO, they have also taken the decision to team up with the Astraline ( to provide a fully featured 24 hour Emergency Response service (also powered by UMO) to all of our direct customers - More to be announced on this partnership in the coming weeks.

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