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We are aware of an issue affecting a very small percentage of MyAmie pendants, which is resulting in their batteries depleting at a faster rate than customers may have previously experienced. Customers with affected MyAmies should replace them as soon as possible, and return the faulty pendant to us using the standard returns procedure.

We would also like to take this opportunity to reemphasise the importance of regular testing as part of good practice. Automated system alerts provide useful information to service providers, but regular testing of Social Alarms is an important element in the delivery of services to users; as described in British Standards as well as guidance from manufacturers and the TEC Services Association. Maintaining a regular testing regime not only provides further service resilience, by placing the equipment into ‘In service testing’, including the alarm transmission system, but also provides an increased level of reassurance and user familiarity with the operation of the equipment.

You can find out more in How to implement an effective alarm equipment testing plan.

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