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Software Firm Helps Care Providers Make the Right Technology Choices With Free Guide

Technology firm Unique IQ aims to help small and medium-size home care providers navigate the technology selection process with the help of a new guidebook launch.

David Lynes, CEO & Founder & Cheryl Guest, Operations Director at Unique IQ launch new guide for care providers

With around 30% of care providers still using paper-based systems for care records (NHSX 2020), the team at software firm Unique IQ identified the need to give struggling care providers a helping hand on the road to digitisation. ‘Implementing care software’ has been created to help home care providers navigate the difficult and time-consuming process of finding and acquiring the right care management software for their business.

The guide takes the reader on a step-by-step journey through the milestones of managing a software implementation, from initiating a project, to evaluating options, to adopting and rolling out a new system, before finally evaluating the experience.

A practical workbook based around project management methodologies, every chapter features an array of articles written by the software experts at Unique IQ, along with interactive tasks for the reader to complete.

David Lynes, CEO & Founder at Unique IQ said:

“Digitisation provides a vast array of benefits for care providers, but it’s a huge step for those that are looking to acquire their first care management system or move to a new platform.
“With so many options out there, it can be a daunting experience to find the right provider, with the right system that’s the right fit for their business. Our guide helps all care providers – small, big or franchise businesses, navigate the journey of implementing care software.

Cheryl Guest, Operations Director at Unique IQ added:

“And by the end of the guide, we’re sure that our readers will not only end up with the right systems for them – but also with a new set of project management skills that they can apply to any project in the future.”

The free guide is available now as a digital download from


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