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Mindme Devices Used For Avon and Somerset Police's Dementia Safeguarding Scheme


Minder Limited, trading as Mindme, is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Avon and Somerset Police to supply GPS tracking devices which will be made available to vulnerable adults in the latest phase in their Dementia Safeguarding Scheme which was established in 2015.

The purchase of the Mindme Locate devices has been funded by Bristol Water and Wessex Water and the devices will be allocated by the force’s specialist Missing Person Coordinators to people who are considered most at risk of becoming a missing person.

The GPS devices supplement the very successful rollout of Near-Field Communication (NFC)assistance wristbands and tags which store the wearer’s vitalinformation.

Simon Wolf, CTO, said, "Whilst we are seeing a huge growth in the sales of GPS alarm devices, the company's roots are in dementia tracking with an always-on, button-free device. It is wonderful to be able to work with my local force, Avon and Somerset Police, on this project and we hope that more police forces will see what they are achieving and implement similar schemes."

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