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Develco Products has successfully integrated with Alarmbridge to enable connectivity of white label IoT devices to Alarm Receiving Centres, a serverless platform for real-time communication services and Develco Products, a leading provider of white label products to companies within security, home care, insurtech, and energy management, announces today that Develco Products successfully has integrated with Alarmbridge enabling easy connectivity of home care and security solutions to Alarm Receiving Centres.

Develco Products offers a range of white label products, built to accommodate every need of their customers. All devices are mature, secure, and certified to avoid lengthy device development processes. With Alarmbridge, Develco Products can offer their customers an easy way to connect customer solutions to alarm handling services, making sure that any emergency alert raised in their security or home care systems are taken care of and trigger required actions. Alarmbridge makes it possible to connect the white label devices from Develco Products to both analogue Alarm Receiving Centres, and digital Alarm Receiving Centres lacking SCAIP* support. It is also possible to transmit voice and video calling data via Alarmbridge.

With the combination of Develco Products’ hardware and the Alarmbridge, Develco Products’ customers can move fast to the market with fully functioning and future-proof home care and security solutions. Alarmbridge can also be used as an interim step for Develco Products’ customers on their way to a fully SCAIP compliant solution, as it helps them to migrate solutions from analog to SCAIP compliant alarm handling services.

Secure connection – tested and proven for SCAIP/CENELEC EN50134

Any home care or security solution handles sensitive customer data that must be protected. Alarmbridge is built with strongest possible security in mind, with a high level of encryption and authentication capabilities to ensure the protection of customer data. The Alarmbridge interface for connecting Develco Products’ customer solutions to alarm handling services supports SCAIP/CENELEC EN50134. Combined with the secure and certified sensors and gateway from Develco Products, their customers will get a fully secure solution.

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* SCAIP, short for Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol, is a digital alarm protocol that is used to send alarms generated by telecare equipment and other devices to Alarm Receiving Centers. The standard is widely used in Europe.

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