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TSA at HealthPlusCare

The TSA team give their insights into what the TEC industry were talking about at HealthPlusCare

Marie Martinalli, Medequip, Carol Hughes, Mersey Care NHS, Alyson Scurfield TSA

For TSA, this year’s HealthPlusCare was a fantastic success and we were delighted to host the Technology Enabled Care Theatre. With a full roster of high level speakers, the subjects covered were on point and forward thinking, leaving us with much food for thought about how fast moving our TEC industry is and how much more we need to achieve collectively. The atmosphere in the entire hall was dynamic with a collaborative feel amongst participants – all working hard for the same goal – to fully integrate tech solutions within the existing health and care system, developed with the patient and carer at the centre from day one of development and all with the best possible outcomes.

After the event, what stayed with us the most was the power of the personal stories emanating from the panel discussions in the home care and residential theatres. We also enjoyed the discussions around technology for systems, rota and care management. We witnessed a lot of interest in personalised stories and how to empower our workforce. It was a joy to see the buzz surrounding virtual reality with plenty of examples and varied uses for those with dementia or mental illness - a peek into the future.

We realised the power of TEC when talking with one of our members whose traditional core business was equipment services – they were astounded at how they’d successfully made their products and services crossover to being TEC and how much people wanted to engage with them about it. We also noticed the language has started to change around social care – there was little mention of pendants for example – terms such as interoperability, choice, personalisation and enabling were the keywords of the day.

We also noticed a mind shift coming from Commissioners and Service Providers in terms of broadening their offer to include TEC – it was hard to hear the word “telecare” anymore!

On the manufacturing side, there still seems to be an emphasis on pushing out kit – showing user stories and persona driven messaging on their displays would be a greater benefit to all.

All in all, the TSA team came away feeling energised and ready to continue with our mission being the voice of technology enabled care -  join us!
The TSA Team. 

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