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How TSA New Members are Shaping the Direction of TEC

A rush of new members to TEC Services Association is reflecting change in the sector, encompassing both startups and strategic. A digitally progressive approach is becoming the common language, with expectations for person-centred development in TEC products and services, and a focus on outcomes and co-production rather than the technology.


They say words alone cannot change the world, but it’s through language that humans communicate ideas, that in turn stimulates action, that produces results and then change.

“Personalised care supported by technology” is a drum TEC Services Association has been beating for years and now the beat of this language is beginning to echo across the health and care network, evidenced in webinars, thought leadership and top-level comms. By speaking the same language a unity of approach can be achieved.

This quarter has seen a rush of new members to TSA, reflecting an interest in the technology enabled care sector as a landscape of opportunity to both start-ups and established technology companies adapting their tech offer and expertise to TECS.

There is a realisation that digital solutions need to encompass empathetic, people-centred design that is non-invasive, that encourages the person to flourish as a result of using them, and in a way that suits them.

Co-production as a value is gradually becoming embedded in the R&D stage of product development, as citizens are viewed as “experts by experience”, facilitating the process and ensuring the service user is taken on the journey to fruition. Citizen involvement from the outset has shown to save time and money, so the relevance and accuracy of the product or service design is achieved in a timely way with fewer revisions.

The start-up tech generation is beginning to understand that the differentiation between when a product ends and a service begins is blurred. Product development supported by potential collaborations in service delivery can result in an offer that is more robust and all-encompassing to a potential problem that a commissioner may be struggling with. And the language of Quality among new members is now commonplace with many of this new cohort of members embarking on TEC Quality’s Trailblazer programme.

This new raft of members is varied but all are motivated by wanting to understand customer needs, the true impact and benefit of their product or service for the service user, and a shared vision that they can contribute to a sector that is dynamic, quick on its feet and making a difference to people’s lives.

Welcoming start-ups Bridgit Care, Haelu,InCharge; housing groups Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust and Sovereign Housing; specialists in IoT, data and analytics Canopy Tools introduces its defence sector skills into TECS; new members in the health space Docobo and Visionable; learning disabilities care provider Dimensions; Howz, with smart home devices, familiar to the TEC sector but new to TSA; mHealth solutions from Monsenso supporting mental health and illness. And global entrants to the UK market South Korean consumer technologies giant Humax with wearables.



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