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Guidance for TECS during Covid-19

Government Guidance

The following links have been provided to the latest government announcements on COVID-19:

Industry Guidance


Supporting staff to get vaccinated

Standard operating procedure: Phases 1, 2 and 3 including vaccination of eligible children and young people

Working safely during COVID 19

Guidance on how to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in your workplace

Testing for coronavirus

NHS guidance on taking COVD tests, understanding and reporting the results

COVID-19: infection prevention and control (IPC)

Government guidance on infection prevention and control

What PPE to wear and when- Guide for community and social care settings including care homes (Public Health England)

Cleaning in non-healthcare setting

Cleaning in non-healthcare settings outside the home

Shielding the extremely vulnerable

The shielding programme has now ended for those previously considered clinically extremely vulnerable.

First Responder Guidance

Guidance for First Responders and others in close contact with symptomatic people with potential COVID-19

TSA Good Practice Guides

Pandemic Escalation Guidance for Monitoring & Responder Services


Falls Assessment Toolkit Guidance


TSA Q&A Guides

Homeworking Technology - technical questions covering health and safety in the home, technology support and operational considerations when setting up homeworking

TSA Quick Guides

These guides serve as quick and concise instruction manuals for those who've been brought in to cover workforce shortages in Call Handling, Installing TEC, Responding and Self-installations:

1. TSA Quick Guide to Call Handling (for the newly trained) during Covid-19

2. TSA Quick Guide to Installing TEC Equipment (for the newly trained) during Covid-19

3. TSA Quick Guide to Responding (for the newly trained) during Covid-19

4. TSA Quick Guide to Self-Installations during Covid-19


Manufacturers' Guides for Self-Installations

Find self-installation guides from Chiptech, Tunstall, Doro and Legrand-Tynetec:


Legrand-Tynetec Installation Guides:

Reach IP - tynetec_reach_ip_self_install_a4_2pp_guide.pdf

Reach Plus - tyn_reach__reach_plus_self_install_guide_a4.pdf

Legrand Install Guidance - legrand_covid-19_install_guidance_document.pdf


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