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Resources for COVID-19 Planning

Useful Templates & Checklists -

Please use these Checklists of questions to help you with your Business Continuity Plans:

1.Contingency Planning Checklist (General) - Many of you will have already implemented contingencies to reduce the impact of Coronavirus. However, for organisations who are just starting to work through this process, the following template provides a good starting point; this is not an exhaustive list and should be added to by your planning team:


2. Contingency Planning Checklist (Service Delivery) - for organisations delivering services who are just starting to work through this process of contingency planning:


3. Home Working Arrangements – Audit Checklist & Follow up Actions
We recognise that many organisations have already assessed who can/can’t work from home and what actions they may need to take to support increased home working as a result of the Coronavirus. However, to support organisations who have not reached that stage of their planning, this document is a useful start point, in order to clarify what equipment and processes need to be introduced to enable home working and to improve capacity within the team during this exceptional period.



Download this template letter to present to your employer/local authority proving Critical Worker status for the purposes of childcare provision:



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